Profile image My name is Max Tuni and I’m a full stack java developer with extensive experience covering multiple technologies. I keep atop of new developments within the industry to create software in more efficient ways. I know the importance of writing clean and maintainable code.

Skills Summary


Master’s Degree: Mathematics and computation

Engineer’s Degree: Telecommunications engineering

Complementary courses

Employment History

Java Consultant at UBS - EPAM Systems

Location Zürich, Switzerland January 2017 – March 2019

  • Provided L3 support for an extensive amount of legacy Java 5 software.
  • Extended custom back-end frameworks to fulfill new needs.
  • Modularized existing software into reusable libraries (Maven).
  • Migrated some obsolete applications to modern frameworks and platforms (Java 8, Spring, RHEL).
  • Developed new internal tools to facilitate agile methodologies within the team (Git, Spring Boot, Java 8)
  • Managed the software build, release and deployment process. (Git, Maven, Nexus).

Key projects

  • Linux migration. Adapted existing software in order to be integrated in the linux platform. Main frameworks: RHEL, Java 8, Spring.
  • Thunder. Developed test automation framework that allows system testing against different branches of the software. Main frameworks: Git, Java 8, Spring Boot.
  • One Wealth Management Platform. Adapted existing software to work in a unique global platform. Main frameworks: Java, Bash, Solaris.

Java Developer - Predictia Intelligent Data Solutions

Location Santander, Spain November 2010 – January 2017

Key projects

  • Euporias. European Union’s 7 th Framework Programme project. Led the development of REST API for integrating the results of the different data producers in the project, so they could be easily redistributed. Main frameworks: Spring Boot, Spring Data REST, Oauth2.
  • Ingest. Web application that addresses health data integration, data quality control and advanced statistical analysis. Led the design and development. Main frameworks: Vaadin, Spring Batch, Neo4j, Mysql.
  • Meteorological forecast. Operative system for weather forecasting and monitoring using the WRF model. Led the development. Main frameworks: Spring Batch, NetCDF, Docker.
  • Value Validation Portal. Web portal that allows project’s participants to send their climatic projections for automatic evaluation using a R package that computes tens of validation indices related to the accuracy or reliability. Led the development of the User Interface and the interoperation with the external R package. Main frameworks: Vaadin, Spring Batch, Rserver, Hibernate.
  • RsClass. Land use maps generation using remote sensing and machine learning algorithms. Developed a regional map of land uses to help managing stockbreeding subsidies. Main frameworks: R, MaxEnt.
  • Roadcaster. Meteorological prediction system designed to ease the planning of road winter maintenance tasks. Collaborated in the whole product life-cycle. Main frameworks: Spring, Ibatis, Struts2, METRO, JSP, Mysql.
  • Weather data ingestion and web visualization application for a regional weather agency. Collaborated in the whole product life-cycle. Main frameworks: Spring, Ibatis, Struts2, Quartz, JSP, Mysql.

Java Developer - IFCA (Institute of Physics of Cantabria)

Location Santander, Spain May 2009 – November 2010

  • Developed an interactive web application with java backend that plotted meteorological maps (Struts2, YUI, Google Maps, NetCDF).
  • Migrated a custom made ETL (extract/transform/load) to a batch framework (Pentaho Data Integration).
  • Worked on existing java applications fixing bugs and tuning performance (Struts2, Ibatis, SQL).
  • Collaborated in migrating an application based on JSP scriptlets to a MVC framework. (Struts2).

Key projects

  • Downscaling Portal. Web portal that enables users to create regional climate projections from global simulations. Collaborated in the development of the User Interface and the integration with the job system implemented in MatLab. Main frameworks: Spring, Struts2, JSP.
  • ICMBD. Healthcare performance indicators for the Spanish Health System (length of stay, mortality, etc.). Migrated the ETL system and collaborated in fixing bugs and optimizing performance. Main frameworks: Pentaho Data Integration, Ibatis, Oracle.

Personal projects and open source collaboration